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IR35 Company Agreements

IR35 And Other Company Contracts

These IR35 And Other Company Contracts cover a range of legal and business arrangements under which various professional and other services are provided either by consultants or contractors to clients or by sub-contractors to main contractors.

These documents are designed to be used where the consultant, contractor or sub-contractor to be engaged is a company rather than an individual working as self-employed person. The company may be a personal service or consultancy company, which then provides the services of an individual professional(s) or worker(s) to the client.

There is a risk that the individual(s) engaged by the personal service or other company may be found to be an employee in law by HMRC, a court or a tribunal. The Guidance Notes help to outline that risk, and additional information is available in IR35, Employment and Self-Employment .

If the service provider is contracting as an individual, rather than using a Personal Service Company (PSC), you should instead refer to the Self Employment and Freelancer Contracts .

Whilst the use of a suitable agreement between the client and the company engaged as the consultant, contractor or subcontractor should minimise that risk, and the documents in this group are designed to do so, there is still a risk that the IR35 rules will affect any arrangement whereby a personal service or other intermediary company is used to provide services to a client or main contractor. Legal advice should therefore be taken as appropriate before use of any of these forms of agreement.

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