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Risk Assessments for Building Sites

August 2012
This month 43 new task specific risk assessments have been added to the new Building/Construction folder.

This month’s additions are a comprehensive set of task based risk assessments that cover most jobs that will be carried out on an average building site. These start with the basics – unloading the delivery vehicles and go through mixing mortar, carrying bricks and blocks and laying them, right through to landscaping.

All of the new risk assessment forms have been partially completed to give you an indication of the sort of hazards you may expect to see in any given situation. They then show the sort of controls you might have in place and any others that you may need.

There is also a blank form that you can print and fill in as you do your assessment on site to then leave or copy onto your PC.

If you are unfamiliar with carrying out risk assessments we have created a useful set of Guidance Notes on ‘How to do a Risk Assessment’. These Guidance Notes are specific to building and construction and should help you to understand the risk assessment process.

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