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Asbestos (ACM) Location and Condition Register


This Asbestos Location and Condition Register form can be used to monitor any ACM’s in your premises. As a ‘Duty Holder’ under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 you are required to keep an up to date register of the location and condition of any ACM’s in your building.

Despite asbestos not having been installed since 1999, many buildings will still have some material in them. Your Asbestos Location and Condition Register will show where these materials may be, as well as their condition and the likelihood of them being disturbed. There is no requirement for you to have ACM’s removed as a matter of course. Your condition survey will dictate whether any damaged material can be covered/isolated or if it needs to be removed.

If in any doubt as to the extent of ACMs seek a professional survey/inspection. This document enables information on all areas of the building to be recorded in respect of identification, extent, type of material, condition, dust potential, and accessibility.

Do not break or damage material to try to identify it. Samples should only be taken by suitably licensed asbestos contractors.

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