Directors Conflicts of Interest

Directors' Conflicts of Interest

The Companies Act 2006 places requirements on directors to declare their interest in any transaction or arrangement that is proposed to be entered into by the company as well as any existing transaction or arrangement entered into by the company. 

The Directors’ Conflicts of Interest subfolder contains letters to be used for giving notice of a director’s interest in a transaction and board minutes for recording the meeting at which a director declares their interest in relation to a transaction.

For conflict situations that arose before 1 October 2008, the law that applied before that date continues to apply, rather than the Companies Act 2006. As such, the Directors’ Conflicts of Interest subfolder contains letters which give either general or specific notice of Directors’ Conflicts of Interest as required by the Companies Act 1985.

Directors’ Conflicts of Interest is part of the Corporate folder. Access all Corporate documents for £35+VAT.