Paternity Leave (Great Britain Adoption) SPL Only

Paternity Leave Policy (Adoption within Great Britain) SPL Only


This Paternity Leave Policy (Adoption within Great Britain) SPL Only sets out the rights of an employee to take Ordinary Paternity Leave and Shared Parental Leave in respect of the adoption of a child within Great Britain and the applicable procedures that must be followed.

NOTE: Employers should be aware that additional paternity leave has been abolished and replaced by shared parental leave. Additional paternity leave will continue to be available only in relation to babies placed for adoption before 5 April 2015. This policy does NOT include provisions relating to additional paternity leave. Shared parental leave will apply in respect of babies due on or after that date. See the Shared Parental Leave Policy.

This Paternity Leave Policy (GB Adoption) SPL Only is drafted to comply with and, if needed, exceed the rights currently provided for by legislation. When a child is adopted from overseas please use the policy entitled Paternity Leave Policy (Overseas Adoption).

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