Access Audit Form Templates

Disability Discrimination Act Access Audit Forms

The Equality Act 2010 put all equality and discrimination legislation in one place to make it clearer to understand. However, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 still applies and in accordance with that Act businesses have a duty to facilitate disabled people accessing their premises and using their services and accordingly must anticipate access issues that a disabled person might face on trying to enter or move about in your premises.

In this Disability Discrimination Act sub-folder you can find various DDA access audit forms that will help you identify aspects of your premises that need to me improved in order to comply with the Equality legislation. The sub-folder also contains the necessary access audit action plan that be used to record the actions that are required as result of issues that have been identified by the Access Audits. It provides for appointing/delegating responsibility, and setting target and completion dates for the actions to be taken.

These Access Audit Forms are part of the Health and Safety folder. For just £35+VAT you can access all Health and Safety documents for 1 year.