Residential Care Home Fire Risk Assessment

Residential Care Home Fire Risk Assessment


This Residential Care Home Fire Risk Assessment is intended for those who run a residential home for the elderly or infirm.

A suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment must be conducted on all sleeping accommodation in England and Wales, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The Duty Holder can carry out the risk assessment themselves but it is recommended that a competent person is instructed to assist in this important task.

This Fire Risk Assessment does not provide an exhaustive list and there may be items in respect of the residential home concerned that are not on the list. For this reason each section of  form contains blank boxes for additional items specific to the particular residential home concerned, which you can use as needed.

A residential nursing or care home will be full of people who may find it very hard (if not impossible) to evacuate in the event of a fire. So it is even more important that you carry out a thorough assessment of all the hazards in all the areas, paying particular attention to your residents’ or patients’ needs.

When doing yourNursing Home Fire Risk Assessmentyou must:
• Consider the building fabric, fire doors etc
• Identify any procedures that may cause a fire; and
• Consider your employees and those you care for, who may be at risk.

Once you have completed your Fire Safety Risk Assessment and have noted any issues on an Action Plan, you must set a timetable for rectifying them within a reasonable period of time.

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